What I do
I like to design typefaces, from scratch. So far I've made about five, depending on how you count them. Finalization for publishing of digital fonts is a lot of busywork, so they're not publicly available yet.
Inspiration-wise I strongly appreciate Rudolf von Larisch and Albert Kapr.
Skills: Vector Software, Typographic Theory
Using: Adobe Illustrator, Glyphr
For study purposes, I'm currently working on a digitalized and extensively searchable archive of the GDR Law Gazette. Once finished, it shall act as a helpful research tool for GDR studies.
Skills: Optimization Scripting, Server and Database Management, Frontend Design, Search Algorithms, Handlebars
Using: HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, SQL, Ghost CMS; Apache (LAMP)
A deep personal passion are studies on public law, particularly constitutional law. I've been drafting a constitutional bill for an Austrian republican order and a corresponding commentary for several years now, synthesizing primarily Kelsen's original 1920 version and my personal opinions.
Skills: General Legal Theory (Public Law)
Even beyond cover designs, I like print layouting a lot as well. Currently, I only do so for personal projects, one of which is the republication of a selection of Otto Bauer's works.
Skills: Vector Software, Layouting
Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
A current ongoing project is a corporate design framework proposal for the Austrian Republic. Among other things, it incorporates a custom typeface, office emblems with design hierarchies, a new heraldic order, ...
Skills: Vector Software, Heraldic Theory
Using: Adobe Illustrator
To collect and present my academic progress, I set up a small Wiki. It hosts reformatted versions of my seminar papers and the like.
Skills: Wiki Administration, Scripting
Using: MediaWiki, Lua
Another important passion of mine, strengthened in particular by my partner being a tailor, is uniform design, of which I have tried to provide an alternative to current trends in military and police uniform designs, for example those of Barbara Mungenast.
Skills: Vector Software
Using: Adobe Illustrator
Numismatics have been an interest of mine as well, where I've delved into security designs and their realization in Illustrator. Unfortunately, I can currently only work with very large vectors, as more efficient industry standard software would be a big financial burden. One day, however...
Skills: Vector Software, Security Design
Using: Adobe Illustrator
Studies in military theory, particularly of the Austrian doctrine of Raumverteidigung that governed its military from the 70s until the 90s.
Skills: Geoinformatics, Vector Software, General Military Theory
Using: Adobe Illustrator, QGIS
A home NAS primarily for file storage and local media streaming. Realized with an ODROID-M1 and Jellyfin.
Skills: System Administration, Database Management
Using: ODROID-M1, Jellyfin
And many more smaller projects in various areas of interest...