About me
My name is Maximilian Christian (yes, Christian is the last name), currently 23 years of age, born, raised and living in the picturesque, calm, mountainous part of the state of Salzburg, Austria. I'm enrolled at the University of Salzburg, currently studying history and jurisprudence. I've previously attended the Höhere Technische Lehranstalt Braunau, from which I've had to drop out after the fourth year, due to worsening health.
Interests, hobbies and the things I enjoy are a difficult topic, for one simple reason: There are so many of them.
Truly, I suppose I just enjoy discovering whatever I can find out there. I would like to consider myself a partially specialized generalist ("T-type"). I've attempted to actually realize a somewhat conclusive list of the things I get into and find interesting numerous times, but it never works out at all. Not only because I cannot actually think of all the interests, hobbies and things I enjoy in a given moment, but because I'd essentially have to update such a list on a biweekly basis.
Realizing, however, that a truly conclusive list is not necessary to allow a basic glimpse of me and my personality, I've tried to compile this one right here, in no particular order (!) :
It should be stressed once more that these interests are most definitely in no particular order. For example, whereas my interest in aviation has been around for more than a decade and with fluctuating intensity, my interest in fashion design or geodesy has been much more recent. It should also be noted that this doesn't mean I could at all be considered professional in all or even most of these interests, although I'd wager I have more than simple beginner's knowledge in almost all of them.
It also goes without saying that all of these interests presuppose a much more fundamental interest in reading and research of whatever kind as general activities, as well as a readiness to dive right into problems and challenges one faces, to take them apart systematically and curiously, and to learn from this experience. That said, I natively speak German, fluent and professional English and basic Russian. Beyond that I have rudimentary skills in Chinese, Korean, the Scandinavian languages and Serbo-Croatian. An absolutely not fluent, but still systematically useful knowledge of Latin should be noted as well.
My strong interest in politics can be considered cardinal in approaching very many of the aforementioned interests, so as to necessitate its own listing here at the end.